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Why cleaning your room is important?

Ask Coley | 10-12 yrs | Animation, Video

Keep your room clean and organized!

We all have days when we feel a little dis – organised. But sometimes a few days of being dis – organised can become a bad habit. Soon, we start becoming messy, and start creating a messy environment around us. We misplace things or even allow them to get spoilt. What do you think? Would you like to visit a friend’s house and see a messy room. An unkempt bed, leftover food, or all their books all over the place. Obviously, no!

So let’s keep our rooms organised and clean. Because we like coming back to a clean room!

Coley: Why would you need binoculars in your own room Bumbley?
Bumbley: Don’t disturb me. I am trying to concentrate here.
Coley: Concentrate?? For what?
Bumbley: Can’t you see? I am looking for an assignment I need to submit in school today.
Coley: Oh okay. Wait. I am gonna ask again. Why do you need binoculars for that??
Bumbley: How else do I find it in here!
Coley: Keeping your room clean would be a better start, no?
Bumbley: I keep hearing this from mom. Now, you don’t start!
Coley: Okay.
Bumbley: No, wait! Help me find this assignment. It is very important for my school report.
Coley: I will. But on one condition. Start keeping your room clean.
Bumbley: I do try. But somehow it ends up being messy. How do I keep it clean??
Coley: By putting back every item where you took it from. That way you won’t create a mess to clean it up later.
Bumbley: Hmm..
Coley: Keeping things organized not only helps you find something when you need it, but also saves you time and lets you think with clarity.
Hey, I found your assignment!
Bumbley: Really? And I find you awesome!