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Return things you have borrowed from others

Ask Coley | 8-10 yrs | Animation, Video

Why is it important to return things that you have borrowed?

A lot of us have favourite things, objects or books or clothes or toys we have collected or found or saved for special occassions. Some times it’s a present from some one we love a lot, or sometimes a favourite relative thought of you and brought it from some place they travelled to. Which means they thought you were special.

What happens when someone borrows it and doesn’t give it back, or damages it or breaks it?

You get upset. The same way, your friend may also get upset, if you don’t return their things. Your friend must like you a lot, if they have shared something with you. You must always remember to return it. It shows we like the friend or relative and we value them in our lives.

It is called good manners or good social etiquettes.