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Avoid Biting your Nails!

Ask Coley | 12-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Why do we bite our nails?

The habit of nail biting or ‘onychophagia’ could develop because of many reasons. You may notice that this habit is one seen in both children and adults. There are many causes for this habit to grow. People sometimes bite their nails when they are feeling nervous, worried, lonely or bored. They do not realize when they are chewing their nails as it becomes such a natural action. You may notice that you bite your nails more before or during exams or when you are feeling upset.

Why is biting your nails a bad habit?

Biting your nails is an unhygienic habit for many reasons. Your finger nails contain many germs which enter your stomach when you chew or bite on your nails. Biting your nails or pulling on the skin around them could also damage your finger tips or cause your nails to regrow unevenly. This habit could also lead to an infection on your finger tips and cause damage to your teeth and jaws.

What can we do to stop biting our nails?

The first habit you must develop is to keep your nails cut short and keep your hands clean. There are many things you can do every time you feel the need to bite your nails. You can play with a stress ball or stroke a smooth pebble to help deal with feelings of anxiety or stress. You can also stop yourself from biting your nails by painting your nails with bitter tasting nail polish or by wearing a pair of gloves on your hands.