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Say please and thank you! – Social Etiquette

Ask Coley | 5-14 yrs | Video, Animation

Do you get upset if someone takes something from you and doesn’t bother to say a ‘thank you’ to you? Or do you have friends who constantly expect you to do something, without requesting or even using the word ‘please’?

What is a social etiquette?

So what is a social etiquette? It is important that when we interact with other people, that we follow basic manners and courtesy, so as not to cause discomfort. This is known as social etiquette.

Why is it important to have social etiquettes?

By saying Please and Thank yous when asking and receiving something from some one, we make positive impressions.

  1. Manners and courtesy allow us to be nice to people.
  2. We develop respect and trust people who display social etiquettes.
  3. We let the people we interact with, know we respect the time and effort they give to us.
  4. When we are kind and courteous, we are not only being nice to others but also to ourselves.
  5. Through good manners, we can create a happy environment for others and ourselves.