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Book Review : The Colour Book by Sophie Benini Pietromarchi

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Do you enjoy painting? Even if you don’t, The Colour Book will inspire you to try making colours that you hadn’t even imagined. Have you ever danced around colours? What happens if you add black to red? Find out in this book.

This beautiful book’s author and illustrator is Sophie Benini Pietromarchi. What would happen if you could taste a colour? Or smell it? What does green smell like to you?
If red was alive, what would it be? Sophie calls it the ‘Colour Dance.’

‘It is a dance where you don’t use your feet so much as your eyes, your memory, your senses and all kinds of other crazy things… all whirling around those mysterious things called colours.’

The book speaks about colours as having various characteristics and feelings. Sophie brilliantly manages to associate her childhood feelings and emotions with colours. It gives the readers an opportunity to look around themselves in a new light, observing the various colours in everyday life. Sophie explains the character of each colour, by associating red with a Dragon who eats pomegranates, strawberries and tomatoes or by talking of the Blue feather which flies through the blue sky and white clouds. You will learn to see, really see, the colours around you

Sophie thinks of colours as trapped in the paint box, waiting to be freed. Painting will enable you to slow down beauty. You will feel like experimenting with colours, playing with them, to create your own colours.

Sophie encourages you to create a forest of colour by putting objects of one colour together. You can look at that when you want to get inspired. The colour dance is to ‘Look… LOOK… LOOK AROUND! Look out of the box! Don’t be afraid, let your glance dance around the place.’

The Colour Book inspires everyone to think of the impossible by ‘turning nature upside-down’ with an ‘orange Rhino’ or a ‘red and white striped zebra?’ They don’t seem that scary anymore then, do they?

Clashing colours fight. Reading the book will soothe your eye. Creating colours seems so simple now! You will feel like picking up your paintbrush right away!

“RED IS A DRAGON with hot blood, which is warm
and red, warming next to a fire. He can be affectionate,
but he also relishes violence and bloodshed. He eats
pomegranates, strawberries, and – yes – tomatoes! “

Readers can do their own Colour Dance by creating a colour diary of their own. This book is an adventurous and colourful journey for growing young artists and art lovers of all age groups. Read the book and indulge in exploring all the activities along with your parents or siblings and see how much fun you have with colours.

The Colour Book, Sophie Benini Peitromarchi (Tara Books, 144 pages, Rs.700)

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