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Book Review : The Monster Hunters

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Do you believe that you have monsters in your bedroom, under your bed? You are not alone. Abhay and Nitya, the heroes of Parinita Shetty’s book, The Monster Hunters, believe in these creatures too.

What’s it about?

Abhay and Nitya (Nuts) are out on a monster hunt. They believe that every child’s room has a monster. They are determined to find these monsters and present them for a school project.

They go to the homes of their nearby friends in their search. Along the way, they find their lost property. They are also accused of being thieves and murderers by a friend’s nani when Abhay collides with her while on skates.

The imaginative questions the characters ask will make you think.

Nitya would make an omlette if the universe was an egg, while Abhay’s sister Zara would juggle the eggs.

“But then you’d need many universes,” Nitya points out. Zara’s swift reply? “Or a really good chicken.”

Book Extract

‘True, true,’ Abhay agreed. ‘Nuts, do you think monsters have best friends too?’
‘Yeah,’ Nitya said. ‘Maybe they grow up together in next-door houses and talk about the best way to scare kids.’
‘And go away on holidays together.’
‘And let tourists click pictures of parts of them so nobody’s ever sure if they’re real or not.’

The Last Word

Do Abhay and Nitya manage to find any monsters? Read the book to find out.

The amusing incidents that happen to Abhay and Nitya are brought to life by round-eyed character illustrations by Pooja Pottenkulam.

The Monster Hunters puts a smile on your face and it widens as every chapter unfolds.

The Monster Hunters by Parinita Shetty (Duckbill Books, 71 pages, Rs.125)

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