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Book Review : The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street, written by Shabnam Minwalla has six children, cooking up spells and magic to contact fairies, to scare their nasty neighbours who want to cut down their ‘precious friends’- the Bimbli trees in the garden of their Cosy Castle residence.

These trees are second home to Sarita, called ‘Saritafal’ like the fruit ‘sitafal’ by the naughty boys; and her new friend Nivi, the girl who used to eat Nivea cream! Wonder if Nivea cream is really edible!

Veer’s Review

“I enjoyed reading this book. My favorite part was when the children scare those nasty women. The way they look for those magical things and then they plan the scare is just so much fun to read,” says 9 year old Veer of Bombay Scottish School.

So, do you have a magical spell for all our readers?

Book Extract

‘World-famous items’, he said with a meaningful gleam in his eye. ‘Guaranteed to scare the neighbours. You have Paritosh’s word.’

Something clicked in Nivi’s brain. ‘Doesn’t pari mean fairy in Hindi?’ she asked with a squeal that was almost as startling as anything the world-famous-novelty-item Mostly-Ghostly could produce.

If you really want something
Then to your dream you must cling

Believe that you will find a way
To find that needle in the hay

For your own fate, you can make
So don’t give up for heaven’s sake

Hard work and hope can do the trick
And perform surprising magic!

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