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Chinese Dragon Art

Craft Ideas | 6-12 yrs | Interactive

Looking for craft ideas for kids? What about dragon art? Make a Chinese dragon for Chinese New Year!

Dragon Art for Kids

What You Need

  • 2.5 feet of colored paper(red and yellow), an inch wide
  • Card paper- orange and green
  • More colored paper- red, orange, white and yellow
  • Sequins
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make a Chinese Dragon

  • First, take a 3 inch X 3 inch piece of red paper. Cut out the dragon’s head from this paper.
  • Next, make the dragon’s beard. Take a 3 inch X 1 inch green paper. Cut vertical lines in it. Stick it to the back of the red paper.
  • Make the eyes and teeth from white paper.
  • Use the orange paper to make more shapes and stick them on the sides.
  • Stick the sequins in the eyes and as nostrils.
  • For the body, take the two long strips of red and yellow paper and stick them at a 90 degree angle.
  • Fold the bottom strip over the top one. Next, fold the top strip over the bottom one. Keep doing this until you run out of paper. Stick the ends together properly.
  • Stick the head to the body.
  • It’s time to make the tail! Cut thin strips of red and yellow paper. Curl them with your finger. Stick them to the dragon’s end.
  • Have fun making your dragon move! Tells us how you enjoyed making these paper crafts in the comments. We’ll be back with more art projects for kids. Write to us if you have any art and craft ideas you want us to put up.

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