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Snake Hat

Craft Ideas | 6-8 yrs | look and take

How to make Snake Hat Craft

Step by Step Instructions :

  1. Use chart paper and cut a (12*16cm)strip.You can cut a three inches wide band to t around your head size.
  2. Now take yellow chart paper and paste the snake shape on it and cut out the snake. Create eyes drawing on sticker paper and paste on the snake.Then paste the tongue cut out. Draw some color cut outs for the snake skin.
  3. Fold yellow, orange and red velvet paper and draw lotus petal shapes and cut out all shapes.
  4. See reference image and paste snake cut out then lotus petals shape cut out around the hat.
  5. Paste yellow, orange and red small size strips for a more decorative snake hat.

Materials Requirement

  • Scissors 1
  • Velvet paper 1
  • Glue stick 1
  • Colorful chart paper 1
  • Glue dots 1
  • Black permanent marker 1
  • Snake drawing shape and template on A4 size paper. 1

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