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Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod

Bulletin boards or pin boards are the reflectors that indicate the mood of the classroom. A colourful and happy bulletin board shows that the class is learning and enjoying at the same time.

How to make Bulletin Board

Let’s look at some really great bulletin board decorating ideas that will bring the classroom to life.

1. Back to School Board

Going back to school is not something that a lot of kids look forward to. A cool, well decorated bulletin board will not only make for a good welcome, but ensure that they feel special.

To welcome them back to school we suggest the ‘Superheroes in Training’ board. Here all we need to create is one superhero silhouette and scattered around this figure will be the names of all kids who are starting a new year on a high note.

2. Tattling Turtle Board

Has the class gotten too loud in the middle of the term? Try the ‘Tattling Turtle’ board. Just pin up a number of turtles and leave their stomach areas empty. If a naughty student refuses to focus even after repeated warnings, you can just write their name on the turtle. This will ensure that they keep quite and learn when the teacher is in the class.

3. The Festive Season Board

Want the class to take part in the festivities coming up? Get the students to contribute towards the festive pin board! Here is an example of a great Christmas bulletin board idea. Make the reindeer from the hands and feet of the students. Let them pick what colour they want the deer and write their name under the deer they made. To give it that extra effect, you could decorate it with real Christmas lights. This will surely make a happy and prosperous festive season.

4. The Farewell Board

Has the time come to bid the class goodbye? Give the students a promise of the bright future with the help of this pinboard! Ask the kids to get their pictures while wearing shades or click them yourself! The statement we want to make here is, ‘The future’s so bright we have to wear shades!’ If you click the pictures using the photo booth style and add a dash of bright colors, the board will serve as a vibrant send-off for the kiddos!