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Colourful Sculpture Craft Activity

Craft Ideas | 6-10 yrs | Learning Pod

What you need to make a Colourful Sculpture?

  • A long thin gauge wire
  • Transparent contact paper
  • Scraps of tissue paper in different colours
  • Scissors or knife
  • Torch, if you like

How to make a Colourful Sculpture?

  1. Bend the wire in the shape of a circle.
  2. Put the contact paper on a table, with the sticky side facing up.
  3. Put the wire on this side.
  4. Scatter the coloured tissue paper bits within the wire, in any pattern you like. Cover the full circle with the tissue paper scraps.
  5. Cut the contact paper on the outside of the wire, until a 2 inch rim of contact paper is left.
  6. With the scissors or knife, make a slit every 3 inches on the length of the wire.
  7. Then, you can fold this contact paper through the slit so that it sticks behind the wire, on the uncovered side. This provides support to your sculpture.
  8. Try bending your sculpture until you think it looks good.
  9. Once you’ve tried bending it in different shapes, shine a torch behind it and see how it glows!

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