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Pretty Pencil Holder

Craft Ideas | 6-8 yrs | look and take

How to make Pretty Pencil Holder

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First print out the flower and ladybug template on A4 size paper (see download).
  2. Cut the plastic bottle in the middle. Use the bottom half of the bottle and paste masking tape around that bottle.
  3. Similarly paste green velvet paper around the bottle.
  4. Trace the owner shape and lady bug drawing on scrub and velvet paper. Then cut out that shape.
  5. See reference image and paste all owers and lady bug cut out shapes around the bottle.
  6. Now your pen and pencil holder is ready. Put your pen/pencil in the holder and display your pretty holder on your study table.
  7. Notes: Before starting Pen and pencil holder craft see reference images. Template: Flower, lady bug and design template (see download)

Materials Requirement

  • Scissors 1
  • Chart sheet 3
  • Plastic bottle 1
  • Masking tape 1
  • Glue stick 1
  • Sketch pen 12
  • Marker pen 3
  • Scrubber sheet 5 to 6

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