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Creep Out – Halloween Story

Mocostar | 5-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name : Akshaj Mehta
Age : 9 years
Grade : 4
School Name : Star Academy , Natomas Charter School, Sacramento, California, USA


One day, my friends and I were reading a book together about scary Halloween night. The book was about a group of scientists that believed that once in 400 years on 31st October in the dark and stormy night, a dinosaur comes alive and roams in the woods…” There was another group, who did not believe this.

Part II
My friends and I decided to go on camping in the woods on the Halloween night, to see if the above is a MYTH or FACT.

So, here we were, in the middle of jungle trying to make our tents in the woods and all of sudden we heard a large growl at us, exactly right at that point a thunderstorm started, and we realized that lighting coming out of clouds was made of electricity power.

We heard a large breathing sound; we spun around to see what?

A Dinosaur was standing right in front of us.

Could it be true that this was the dinosaur, which comes out once in 400 years on the Halloween night?

We all wanted to scream badly but our voice was numb, we could not speak, walk or move. The dinosaur looked at us mischievously; it seemed he would charge on us. For a moment we thought it was the end of all of us. We all were thinking that We had to do something!!

Could you guess what we did?

We didn’t run, hide or scream, we just stood there as if we were blocks of ice.

Suddenly, we saw the dinosaur turning and going towards the city to destroy it, BUT right then bolt of lightning stuck on the dinosaur and it disappeared, never to be seen again.

We were saved by our presence of mind and GOD.

After this incident, I and my friends know for a fact that there is a Dinosaur which is still alive and he comes to scare people on the Halloween night!