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Model United Nations

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name : Pragati Raskar

Class : IX

School : KC Thakeray Vidya niketan school, pune

My Experience at the Model United Nations

On 21st July 2014 some students of our class including me went to symbiosis college. There, we were introduced to the MYUN conference. The full form of MYUN is middle years united nations.

On the first day we were provided with information about the united nation, water scarcity in the world and also the various branches of the united nations. To understand the roles of different country delegates and pass a law.

On the second day after getting enough information about our countries We learnt the roles of different delegates. I was given the country of Russia. First, i found information about my country through a country guide I received. I also wrote a speech that explained the conundrum of ware scarcity on my country. i was shocked too see that they are water problems even in countries like Russia.

The Third day proved of great interest. Various delegates of different countries came together and wrote a resolution to b passed. Hence, the resolution was passed. We were happy receiving certificates for completing our training.

Note: Don’t forget to check out the Mocostar of Mocomi.