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The Elephant – Undisputed King of Animal Sniffers!
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The Elephant – Undisputed King of Animal Sniffers!

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African Elephants – Mammals with best smelling sense on earth!

Elephants trunk is flexible and can be shortened or lengthened and moved in all directions. The trunk is not only useful to carry logs, or help elephants eat or spray water on themselves; it has the unique ability to make elephants smell water from a great distance.

An elephant trunk has three nostrils. By raising their trunk high, elephants are able to gather scent particles in the air. These particles pass through seven olfactory organs filled with millions of cells. It is these sensory cells that can differentiate between various smells. These scent particles also help the elephants with the direction to of water and how far it is.

African elephants can beat a bloodhound’s sniffing abilities. They even use their trunks to detect predators and potential danger at a distance or even food.

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