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Somniphobia – The Fear of Sleep
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Somniphobia – The Fear of Sleep

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A good night’s sleep allows the body to rejuvenate, relax and make you prepared for the next day. But some people dread going to sleep which results in the decline of their physical and mental states.

What is Somniphobia?

The fear of sleep or Somniphobia is a latin word derived from somini meaning sleep.

The most common cause of Somniphobia is the fear of having nightmares or a trigger of an event which might have happened during sleeps and causes severe anxiety in a person.

Due to Somniphibia people tend to end up sleepwalking and even a severe condition like Thanatophibia- which is the fear of dying in sleep.

People who have existing anxiety disorders might find it very difficult to fall asleep. Even if they do fall asleep they tend to have scary nightmares which then make it difficult to sleep further.

The fear of the unknown, horror movies also trigger somniphobia and can scare a person beyond control.

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