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Space Debris – A Big Problem!
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Space Debris – A Big Problem!

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What is Debris in Space??

These space debris, orbiting the earth are mostly old satellites, junk discarded from rockets, and satellites that have collided.

How much Junk is there in Space?

19,000 of these junk pieces are larger than a softball, more than 5 centimetres and can cause great damage. These can alter satellite operators including the International space station. NASA tracks debris so that they can remove them but doing so takes time and resources. But with time, the debris are increasing and if scientists are not careful then such debris will keep on growing. This can increase chances of collision and add to more debris. This will grow so much so that a large part of space will become unusable.

The danger of Space Debris!

All objects or debris in space travel at speed. Even a centimetre long screw can cause a huge damage if a major collision happens. And even if debris is a tiny grain size, it can gradually erode the surface of spacecraft in orbit. Each collision means loss of mission and time.

Rockets have been sent to space but not thought as to how they will behave after years of orbiting. When a rocket or satellite leaves the earth, it comes on contact with the space and the sun. The sunlight can be so harsh that many satellites have exploded leaving such dangerous debris or space junk behind!