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Rats laugh when tickled!
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Rats laugh when tickled!

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Do rats laugh? Do rats get tickled?

Rats can laugh when tickled was known by the year 2000, but the new discovery states that they can laugh only when they are in the mood for it.

What happens when rats get tickled?

Scientists have located parts of rat’s brains that respond to tickling. The brain region also plays a role in forming rats’ moods. So a rat will laugh when tickled only if it is already in a good mood. This laughter is caused at high frequencies but is inaudible to humans. When tickled on their back, stomach and tail; rats have high pitched vocalisation laughter. The tickled rats also display a behaviour called ‘joy jumps’ where their front and back legs move in tandem.

So next time you see a rat at home and are in no mood to poison it; you can maybe tickle it and keep them as a pet!