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Glass and Candle Experiment

Experiments | 6-13 yrs | Video


  • A candle
  • Kitchen lighter/matchbox
  • A Glass


  • Light the candle. Take the help of an adult to do so.
  • Place it on the flat plate.
  • Cover the candle with the glass.
  • The candle goes out.


Fire needs oxygen to sustain itself. The glass prevents the fire from consuming any more oxygen.

Once the fire in the glass has consumed all the oxygen inside the glass, the fire goes out.

Can you think of other things that need oxygen? What about plants? Do they need oxygen the same way we do? What would happen if there was no oxygen? Who discovered oxygen? What are the other gases in the atmosphere? How is oxygen created? What does it look like? The air is composed of gases other than oxygen. Find out the percentage of oxygen in air. Also find out the percentage of the other gases in the atmosphere.

TRY THIS Do this experiment with a glass and candle. You will find out what happens.

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