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How to Make a Flying Bag

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Flying Bag Science Experiments for Kids

Want to perform a magic trick like Harry Potter?

5 Steps to Make a Flying Bag

  1. Take a plastic trash bag, and cut out a strip of the plastic from the top.
  2. Blow a balloon and tie the opening with a string.
  3. Take one of your cotton bath towels; and gently rub it over the balloon for around 30 seconds.
  4. Now rub the cotton towel over the plastic band.
  5. Hold the plastic band over the balloon and set it free. Watch magic happen as the band loosely floats in air!

Science behind the Flying Bag

  • Remember “static electricity,” or the electricity which builds up, and where the charges remain concentrated on one spot rather than transferring or moving?
  • When you rub the cotton towel against the band and balloon, the static electrical charges are formed. These negative charges remain on the balloon and the band. Negative charges repel each other.
  • So when you hold the band over the balloon; the like charges act against each other and push each other away. This causes the band to float.
  • But do not explain this simple scientific principle to your friends. Just tell them it is a highly complex and scientific procedure of “the repulsion of alike charges!”

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