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How to Draw a Cow

Drawing | 7-14 yrs | Video

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a cow in a fun and interactive way. You just need a pen and a paper to start drawing a cow in the next 2 minutes!

13 Steps to draw a Cow

  1. First draw a rectangular circle for the cows body.
  2. On top of the body draw a circle for the head of the cow.
  3. Then draw the horns and the ears on top of the head for the cow.
  4. After that draw the mouth and erase the lines as shown above.
  5. Now its time to draw the legs.
  6. First draw two legs and then erase the line of the first leg to show that the leg is in the front.
  7. Then draw the udder of the cow.
  8. Finally finish off by drawing the remaining two legs of the cow.
  9. Now design the cow by adding spots where ever you like.
  10. After that draw the eyebrows and then the eyes of cow.
  11. Now draw a bell on the cows neck for the cow to ring it!
  12. Finally at the end of the body draw a curved line which will represent the tail for the cow.
  13. Now colour your cow and watch it moooooo!

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