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How to draw a Christmas Tree

Drawing | 5-11 yrs | Animation, Video

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a Christmas tree in a fun and interactive way. You just need a pen and a paper to start drawing a Christmas tree in the next 2 minutes!

13 Steps to draw a Christmas Tree

  1. Ho ho ho! Get ready to welcome Santa Claus by drawing a Christmas tree for him. First, let’s draw the pointy top of the tree. Draw a line at an angle downwards, make leaf marks and draw a line at an angle again to meet the point you started with.
  2. Draw another, bigger similar layer below this one, to continue and make the tree’s middle. Like this, draw one more, still bigger layer, so that there will be room for presents under your tree!
  3. Draw a couple of straight lines to make the trunk of your Christmas tree. What is your tree standing on? Make some wavy lines below the trunk to indicate snow.
  4. Now, it’s time to decorate your tree! Start at the bottom left end and make standing jagged semi circles, from the last pointy part to the penultimate one, for snow. Now, skip to the right side of the second layer to do the same.
  5. Now, draw some streamers at the tree’s top. Make curved ribbon like shapes at the start and end of the tree top.
  6. Lights time! Draw semicircles hanging from the first layer for them. Draw a curved diagonal line across the second layer. Like this, draw lines across the third and fourth layers too, starting from the right side.
  7. Draw small circles on these lines for the lights.
  8. Draw a stocking in the middle left of the tree and decorate it.
  9. Draw a candy cane on the other side, in the next layer.
  10. You can draw a bow below the candy cane, in the final layer.
  11. Draw a star below the stocking.
  12. Colour your tree! You can alternate light and dark shades of green in your tree layers. Colour the lights and star yellow. The other decorations can be red. Colour the snowy parts white to make the tree look real.
  13. You can add stars at the pointy end parts and on top of the tree to finish it off!

For more such cool How To Draw videos go to our Drawing page.


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