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Indian Folk Tales: Why The Sun And The Moon Live in The Sky
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Indian Folk Tales: Why The Sun And The Moon Live in The Sky

Indian Folk Tales | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

A very long time ago, the water and the sun were the best of friends. They were always together and lived happily on the earth. As they were good friends, they often met each other. But it was always the sun who visited the water, the water never went to the sun’s house. One day, the sun said to the water, “Dear friend, I visit your house all the time, but you have never been to my house.

Why is it so?” The water replied, “I know, my friend, that I do not visit your place, but that is for your own benefit. Your house is very small and you won’t be able to accommodate all my people. If I come to your house with all my friends and family, then you will be forced to leave your own house.”

The water saw that the sun became really sad so he said, “Alright, I will come to your place, but you will have to build a very large compound with a lot of space, as I have a huge family.”

The sun became very happy and promised the water that he would build a space big enough to accommodate all the people from the water’s family. He went back home. His wife, the moon was waiting for him and greeted him with a sweet smile when he entered. The sun was very excited and told his wife, “My friend, the water, will come to visit our place with his family; we have to build a bigger place to accommodate them.” They both stared building a huge compound for the water.

Next day, the sun invited the water to come and visit with his entire family. When the water reached, he asked the sun, “Shall I come in? Are you sure it will be safe?” “Please come in. We have built a large compound for you,” the sun said.

The water started flowing in with all the water animals and fishes. Very soon, the compound was filled with water. It was almost knee-deep. “Are you sure we should still come in,” asked the water. “I am sure, please don’t hesitate,” replied the sun.

The water kept flowing in and the sun and the moon had to climb on the roof to save themselves from drowning. The water kept coming in and eventually overflowed the roof. The sun and the moon were forced to go and settle in the sky and remained there forever.

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  1. Hi Papay,

    In many cultures it is believed that the moon was the sun’s wife. Think it’s just a way for people in ancient times to make sense of their world. Keep reading!