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Insect Watering Hole

Nature Activities | 7-9 yrs | Reading Pod

An insect watering hole is the prime spot to invite bugs for a friendly outing. Your children can discover beetles, spiders and other insects looking for a drink of water. Making an insect watering hole is a very simple activity and a cool summer project idea for young children.

This activity is great in getting acquainted with bugs on your own terms so that the next time you encounter any one of them, you wont be as scared as the last time.

To make a watering hole you need to place a shallow tray or saucer on the ground and then add some flat stones into the tray.

Once that is done pour some water into the tray until it fills up the spaces between the stones. The water should not cover the stones.

Keep a watch on your watering hole especially on hot days. You will surely find a number of birds, and insects drink from it.

Make sure that your refill the tray on hot days when the water evaporates at a much faster rate. Don’t let water stand for more than four days without changing it, for that might attract mosquitoes.

  • Shallow Tray/Saucer
  • Smooth flat pebbles
  • Pencils or pens
  • Water

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