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Blind Man’s Bluff
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Blind Man’s Bluff

Outdoor Games | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

Find an open flat area where your group can gather, and then form a circle. Form a boundary around the outside edge of the circle with jackets/shoes/etc. Choose one or two “blind men” to start – these will be the folks wearing the blindfolds. Blindfold them and have them come to the center of the circle.

Now the fun begins! Essentially, the two blindfolded people need to move about the circle (being told when they are moving outside the boundary) with a goal of tagging everyone else who remains inside the circle. They can move fast, slow, crawl, jump, etc. Once they tag someone, that person moves to the boundary of the circle, and helps to alert the ninjas, or others in the circle when they are approaching / crossing the boundary. If someone leaves the boundary to escape the blind men, they are automatically “caught” and become part of the outer circle with others who were actually tagged.

It’s a good idea to have a facilitator who keeps the challenge up by slowly moving in the circle of folks on the boundary as the number of folks trying to elude the ninjas gets smaller. Usually, the first two folks to be tagged then become the ninjas for the next round. Have the players remove their shoes and trinkets to make the game safer for all.

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