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Nature Trails

Nature Activities | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

Nature trails are great group activities to do with your friends or even family. It is also a great exercise in connecting with nature. To start with, you need to finalize a location most ideal for this. A nearby hill, mountain or even surrounding forests and green areas are perfect for this trip.

Once on the trail, keep an eye on your surroundings. You will find a variety of trees, birds, insects and lizards. Identify some of these with the help of a guide. You will find that a number of these species aren’t found around the city. Ask yourself, why this is so.

Sometimes even the colour of soil is different found in areas around nature. Take a sample of it and compare it with the soil you find around home. What visible difference do you see?

Collect leaves of different plants while on your trail and get them imprinted in your colouring books with the help of water colour for some fantastic designs. You will also encounter call of birds on your trek. Often you will see birds of the same species calling out to each other. Listen carefully to their melody. Learn to imitate their calling by whistling.

Apart from these tasks, enjoy the trek and it’s beautiful surroundings. There are a number of other interesting things you may find. Take note of them or collect samples of them. You can also write in to us and tell us about your trek and what you found along the way.

  • Water
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Pencils or pens
  • Reference guides to identify birds and other species
  • Notepad

For more interesting Nature activities for kids, visit: https://mocomi.com/fun/nature-activities/