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Listen to a Songbird

Nature Activities | 6-10 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Purchase a bird feeder and then place it near a window, on a tree or even somewhere else in the garden and keep a close eye on who comes to visit. Ensure always that the bird feeder has enough food it in. Write notes on all your bird sightings and even take pictures from your camera of all the birds you spot.

A songbird is a bird in which the vocal organ is developed in such a way as to produce a diverse and elaborated bird song. So when you hear a pleasant sound coming from your bird feeder, you know which type of bird is visiting.

Write about this bird you spot. Try and mimic its call. Take note of its behavior. All birds done behave in the same manner.

  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Pencils or pens

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