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Iron in Cereal

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Eating Nails for Breakfast?!

Did you know that the cereal you eat is filled with the same iron used to make iron nails?

Take a handful of iron fortified cereal in your hand and crush it well. Place it on a plate and hold a super strong magnet over it. You will see that some of the crumbled cereal is gearing upwards towards the magnet.

If you move the magnet over the plate slowly, some of these same mashed pieces of cereal will move; and follow the direction route of the magnet.

Now take one cup of these cereal bits and pieces, and insert it into a Ziploc bag. Pour warm water into the bag; so as to fill the bag half way through. Zip the bag tightly but leave one air pocket inside. With your hand, mix and mash the water and cereal; to make a brown gooey mess.

Let it sit tight for 20 minutes. Place a magnet over the Ziploc bag; and let it touch the bag this time. Now place your hand over the magnet, and turn the bag. With the magnet below, move the bag contents around in a circular track; so as to gather those iron pieces towards the magnet.

With both your hands; again turn the bag. Lightly push the magnet more inwards. You will see tiny black specks gathering towards the magnet. If you move the magnet, more and more iron specks will follow.

The total number of iron present in your body could easily make two iron nails. Iron is a very important mineral required by the blood.

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