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Quick way to empty a Bottle

Experiments | 4-14 yrs | Learning Pod

How to empty a Bottle in 2 Seconds

What You Need

  • 2 bottles
  • A sink

What To Do

  1. Try to empty a bottle in a sink by turning it upside down.
  2. Now, try to empty another bottle by swirling the water as you turn it upside down.

What you will observe?

The bottle with swirls empty faster as compared to the other one. Keep things ready in a table.

Why does it happen?

  • While you are emptying a bottle the air tries to make its way through the narrow neck. While going in, it has to make its way through the water.
  • Air gets in through the narrow neck
  • When the bottle is turned upside down, the process happens with a series of ‘glugs’ as some water falls out. With another bubble of air, another lump of water falls out. Due to this, the speed of the water flow slows down.
  • Whereas, the spinning of the water allows a path to the air with out effecting the flow of water. better flow of water.

Now try this out by yourself and have fun!

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