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Jellyfish Stings

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Vinegar Neutralises the Sting

One summer day, Martin’s father promised Eeshan and his friends that he would drop them at the beach. He also told them that he would make a Chinese dinner . They stopped at a grocery store and bought the ingredients. Then, Martin’s father dropped them off.

Nitin kept urging everyone to go deeper into the sea. “We have this grocery bag to take care of,” said Eeshan, hoping to change his friend’s mind. Nitin didn’t listen to Eeshan’s warning and went ahead. After a while, he came running out of the sea water, screaming in pain.

Eeshan noticed tentacles and sting on his friend’s feet. They realised he had been stung by a jelly fish.

“Oh my god! What are we going to do?” asked Martin. Eeshan quickly took out the towel they were carrying from his bag. He carefully removed the tentacles after putting some beach sand on it.

“What are you doing?” asked Martin.“Remembering the class we had on underwater science. We have to remove the poisonous tentacles before it makes the pain worse,” answered Eeshan.“It hurts..a lot,” streams of tears were now rolling down Nitin’s face.

Eeshan frantically ran towards the grocery bag and took out the vinegar bottle, an important ingredient in Chinese food. He poured the liquid on the sting. The pain subsided a bit. Martin’s father was on his way to pick them up. They took Nitin to the hospital where the doctors praised Eeshan’s presence of mind.

Back home, all of them were sitting together in the living room. Martin’s father said, “That was some quick thinking, Eeshan. Eeshan smiled and said, “The acetic acid in vinegar neutralises the sting.”

“You really did save me, Eeshan,” acknowledged Nitin. “Too bad we can’t reward your timely action with a Chinese dinner, though. We’re out of vinegar, Eeshan,” said Martin’s father. Everyone laughed and thanked Eeshan, as always!

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