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Lagori Game Rules and Information
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Lagori Game Rules and Information

Outdoor Games | 6-11 yrs | Reading Pod

What is Lagori?

In the game of Lagori, you first need to collect 7 stones. Make sure they are not completely flat otherwise the game would be too easy, but remember that they should be able to stand in a vertical pile. The harder it is to pile these stones add to the comic value of the game. Then you need a ball.You are going to use a ball to to ‘hit’ other players so choose one that will not injure someone.

How to play Lagori?

Divide the number of players into two teams. It’s best with at least 4 members on each team but is more fun with more players.. Make sure you play this game in an open field so you don’t destroy anyone’s personal properties.

Draw a line about 5-7 meters from the pile of stones and decide on which team will throw first. The throwing team must dislodge the pile of stones from behind this line. Once they do this, the players of the other team have control of the ball.

The aim of the throwing team is to reconstruct the pile of stones while the other team tries to tag them by throwing the ball on them. Players of the throwing team can scatter as far and wide as the boundary allows.

The round is complete when the throwing team completes the pile and one of their players raises one leg over the pile and screams ‘LAGORI’! You can time each round to determine the winner.

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