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What is a Lever?

Physics | 8-12 yrs | Animation, Video

Find out about the lever, one of the most basic forms of a machine, which helps lift heavy objects with much less effort, through this fun and animated learning module. Also learn about a variety of levers from this very same module.

The lever is one of the most basic forms of a machine. Levers help us lift loads with lesser effort. Even though this looks simple there are many things going on in order to lift the object easily.

A lever can be described as a long rigid body with a fulcrum along its length.

Load :

The object you’re lifting.

Fulcrum :

Point at which the lever pivots.

Effort :

The force applied to make the object move.

We use levers in so many of our day to day activities.

Types of Lever :-

They are classified into three categories depending on the relative position of the load, fulcrum and force.

The 1st Class Lever –

where, the pivot is in between the effort and the load. E.g. Seesaw

The 2nd Class Lever –

where, the load is between the fulcrum and the effort. E.g. Wheelbarrow

The 3rd Class Lever –

where, the effort is between the fulcrum and the load. E.g Fishing rod

Look for objects around the house that use this principle. Hint- you use one on your hands and feet regularly.

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