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Find Your State’s Official Tree

Nature Activities | 6-11 yrs | Reading Pod

Excerpt: Research your official state tree and find it in nature.

Do you know your state tree? Every state has an official tree. In this activity, your kids will find their state tree and learn all about it.

Every state has an official tree. Do you know the official tree for your state, or for other states? Look up the encyclopedia and you will find details not only about your state tree but also information about why this tree was selected, when it was selected, its significance and a list of other important details. Once you have all the details about your state tree, feel free to write about it in your own words. You can also question your friends and family about why this particular tree was selected and not any other.

  • Encyclopedia
  • Field guide to trees
  • Paper and pen (optional)

For more interesting Nature activities for kids, visit: https://mocomi.com/fun/nature-activities/