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Little Directors

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Rani, age 9 and Shweta, age 10 study in Pratibha Municipal School in South Delhi. They got the second prize for Best Little Directors in the 18th International Children’s Film Festival held at Hyderabad in 2013, for their short documentary film, Humari Phulwati Amma.

What is the Film about?

Humari Phoolwati amma is about a very old sweeper in Rani and Shweta’s school. She worked there for 33 years. Rani and Shweta captured her life through an interview.
A teacher shot the two minute film on a handycam for them, along with members of the sponsor- Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH).

How did Rani and Shweta decide the Film’s Subject?

Rani and Shweta had first thought about making a movie on a tree, and then they thought about making it on one of their teachers who was retiring. While thinking, they saw Phoolwati amma sweeping in front of them and then both of them thought why not make the movie on amma!

How did Phoolwati amma react?

She had tears in her eyes. It was the first time in her life that she had got recognition. Rani and Shweta went with their principal to Phoolwati amma’s house to show the film to her and her family.

How did Rani and Shweta feel when they got the award?

For two minutes they couldn’t move from their seats. Then they went on stage and received their award.

Which other Film did they like from the Film Festival?

They liked a film called Tamatar Chor. This film had won the first prize in the Little Directors category. The children were from a Chandigarh school and they became good friends with them.

What is Rani and Shweta’s next movie about?

They are planning a film on Chhat puja of Bihar. They have a small pond outside their school where this puja is celebrated, so they will capture moments from that puja on film.

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