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Action Week

Mocostar | 5-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name – Sanaa Mehta
Age – 11
Class – VI
School – American School of Business, Mumbai

Action Week

During Action week I made skit about gender bias in workplaces.

I was the girl who got a lower salary, Arjun was the boy who got a higher salary and Maya was the manager (the person who tells us our salaries.) Gopika took a video and put it onto iMovie.

Writing the script was the hardest part because I had to come up with a strong plot. I choose drama because I thought that it was a powerful way to express gender bias towards girls. I believe girls should be treated the same as boys.

We also met Roopa Purushotaman. She came in to share how she took action on her beliefs on gender bias in education. She led a project to get girls from Dharavi to start a library, because she wanted to teach them leadership and entrepreneurship. That helps them stand up for themselves and others.

One of the days our mentor took us to the high school science teacher, Ms. Rines. She asked us questions like “which scientist comes up to your mind when someone says ‘scientist.’Our answers were Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. She made us realize that we only thought of men. “Why,” she asked us, we didn’t know why. She said that women didn’t have the freedom to show their discoveries. She believes that girls should have the same rights as boys and she expresses that by being a science teacher. She also shared a story about this girl named Rosalind Franklin who discovered the structure of DNA, but Francis Crick and James Watson stole her work and won the Nobel Prize.

It was surprising that a female scientist couldn’t be acknowledged for her discovery.

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