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History of the Akkadian Empire

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

The Akkadians of Mesopotamia

“Please tell me about the Akkadian empire tonight, Sir Dig-a-Lot,” said Rohan.

Sir Dig-a-Lot said, “The Akkadian empire was the first empire to rule the entire region of Mesopotamia. It lasted for more than 200 years from 2300 BC to 2100 BC. The first ruler of the Akkadian empire was Sargon.

He united northern and southern Mesopotamia through a series of alliances, into one big region. He established the capital as Akkad. When the Sumerians in the south attacked Akkad, he fought bravely to defend it and captured the city of Uruk from the Sumerians. He then conquered all the Sumerian cities and greatly expanded his empire.

Naram-Sin, the grandson of Sargon, was the greatest ruler of the Akkadian empire. he ruled for 50 years. It was under his reign that the Akkadian empire extended its boundaries and was peaceful too.”

“The Akkadians worked towards building good roads and developed modes of transportation. They even had an official postal service in place. The kings maintained control by making their sons and relatives governors of the cities. Sargon came up with the idea that a man’s son should inherit the kingdom after him.”

“In the year 2100 BC, the Sumerians sought to gain back their cities and the city of Uruk became powerful again. The Sumerian kings established their own rules even while under the rule of the Akkadian empire.

So, the Akkadian empire grew weaker and was eventually conquered by Amorites from Syria, near southern Mesopotamia. The Sumerians believe that the Akkadian empire collapsed because of a curse inflicted on Naram-Sin, when he destroyed the temples in the Sumerian city of Nippur.”

“That sounded good,” said Rohan, as he settled down to sleep.

“Thanks, Rohan. Good night!” said Sir Dig-a-Lot.

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