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Becoming an Animal Lover

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Learning Pod

Moco Star

Name – Ojas Ambedkar
Age – 12
Class – VII
School – The Bishop’s School, Pune

My first steps to becoming an Animal Lover

I have always respected nature and animals, but I have never been an animal lover. Pooja Bhale the founder of Protecterra, is a very good friend of my parents, so my parents sent me for an overnight camp with her.

We played many games, did many activities and sat around the bonfire. Pooja tai had also arranged for some trained dogs to visit us. That was the first time I had spent so much time with dogs and surprisingly, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. When Pooja tai announced the next camp, which was to Kanha, I begged to my parents to allow me to go for the camp.

The camp was a six day trip to Kanha which included four safaris at the Kanha National Park. We stayed in a hotel in the buffer zone of the park. On the way to the safaris, Pooja Tai told us not to look only for tigers, but to also look for other birds and animals which are also very rare.

On one of the safaris, there was an incident that really astonished me. At one point, the driver stopped the jeep and shut down the engine.

In a couple of minutes, there was a tiger strolling right in front of our jeep crossing the road. We were really excited, but remained really silent.

Suddenly another jeep zoomed in front to see the tiger and the people in the jeep were making a lot of noise trying to click pictures.

This startled the tiger and with a roar he ran into the bushes. I had heard people saying that animals don’t attack unless we scare or hurt them, I was really privileged to get to see it firsthand. We were very lucky because we got to see tigers on two of the safaris.

This camp made a drastic change in me and my thinking about wild life. I would not call myself an animal lover yet, but I am half way there because of Pooja Tai and her team.

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