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Mulla Nasruddin and The Soup of the Soup

Mullah Nasruddin Stories | 6-14 yrs | Video, Animation

The fame of Mullah Nasruddin had spread far and wide and people were keen to meet him. One such person decided to visit him, carrying a big basket of fresh vegetables from his farm as a gift.

Pleased by the respect shown to him and the generosity of his visitor, Mullah asked him to dine at home and invited him to stay as a guest for the night.

The visitor returned to his village well-fed and well-rested. He told all his neighbours about the hospitality of the famed Mullah Nasruddin.

A few days later, there was a knock at Mullah’s door and a couple stood outside. When asked who they were, they replied with big smiles, “Oh great sir! We heard about your fame from our neighbour – the man who visited you carrying the big basket of vegetables! We heard of your hospitality and wanted to visit you for ourselves.”

Flattered by all of the compliments, Mullah invited the couple to stay for dinner and fed them a lavish meal. He also invited them to stay as his guests for the night. They left the next day, satiated and happy.

A week later, a group of people appeared at his door. They said, “We heard all about your wonderful generosity from our friends! We are the neighbours’ neighbours of the man who brought you the big basket of vegetables.”

Mullah realized all his hospitality was being taken advantage of and it had to stop. With a smile on his face, he invited the new set of guests into his house, offering them dinner.

The visitors gladly sat down to eat Mullah’s infamous home-cooked meal. Their mouths fell open with a shock when Mullah placed a bowl of hot water in front of each one of them.

“Oh guest, please begin! This is the soup of the soup of the vegetables your neighbour gave me!”

The guests quietly left his house, while Mullah smiled to himself.

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