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Mullah Nasruddin: The Donkey’s Relatives

Mullah Nasruddin Stories | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

One day Nasruddin Hodjaa loaded a heavy bag of vegetables on his donkey and set out for the market to sell them. After walking a small distance, the donkey stopped and refused to budge an inch from his place. Nasruddin Hodjaa was in a hurry; at first he coaxed the donkey to start but when he did not respond to his persuasive words, he started beating it.

Soon, many people gathered around them. One man asked Hodjaa, “Why are you beating this poor animal?” Another man said, “You are a merciless man who is beating a speechless animal.” The third man said, “You must be arrested and flogged for beating this poor creature.”

Hodjaa was enraged on hearing the people’s continuous comments and he said to the donkey, “If I knew that you had so many relatives around, I would have never beaten you. I can see that you have a large family here.”

Hearing this, the people sheepishly went their way, leaving Hodjaa with his donkey.

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