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Mullah Nasruddin and The Guest of Honour

Mullah Nasruddin Stories | 7-10 yrs | Animation, Video

It was a busy day in the village. Mullah Nasruddin was out for his evening stroll, with his donkey, when he chanced upon a huge gathering of people outside the town hall.

He turned to a person in the crowd and asked him. “What is happening here?”

The person replied, “I don’t know, but some very important people from all over the country and some neighbouring countries have also come.”

“Oh!”, exclaimed Mullah, “Let me find out.”

Mullah Nasruddin walked to the entrance and tried to enter unnoticed.

The guard standing at the town hall’s big doorway stopped and asked him, “Sir, please let me know your name. I cannot allow common people to enter. Some very important people have come here today.”

Mullah looked at the guard and said, “Sir, I am here to deliver an important message for some very important people.”

The guard looked at Mullah Nasruddin suspiciously.

“Sir, please let me in. It is an important message and I cannot tell you whom it is for.”

“No sir, I cannot allow you inside, without knowing whom you want to meet”, replied the guard.

“Sir, please let me in. I will only go inside for a few moments and come out. Here, you can hold my donkey, while I go in.” answered Mullah.

Reluctantly, the guard allowed him inside.

Mullah Nasruddin entered a formal reception area and seated himself at the foremost elegant chair.
The Chief of the Guard approached and said: “Sir, those places are reserved for guests of honour.”

“Oh, I am more than a mere guest,”replied Nasruddin confidently.

“Oh, so are you a diplomat?”, asked the Guard doubtfully.

Answered Mullah, “Far more than that!”

“Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?” the Guard asked again.

“No, bigger than that too”, replied Mullah.

“Oho! So you must be the King himself, sir?” asked the Chief sarcastically.

“Higher than that!” asnswered Mullah, cheekily.

“What?! Are you higher than the King?! Nobody is higher than the King in this village!”

“Now you have it. I am nobody!” said Nasruddin.

Moral of the story – “One cannot be successful or happy in life without a humble but reasonable confidence in oneself.”

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