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Mullah Nasruddin and the Trial

Mullah Nasruddin Stories | 8-10 yrs | Video, Animation

Mullah Nasruddin’s wife was worried that her husband didn’t earn a living. This caused her a lot of stress. She thought her husband, like other husbands should work and earn a living for the family.

As she usually did, she started questioning the husband again, which soon became an argument.

Wife angrily said, “Why can’t you be like normal husbands and do some work and earn a living?”

“Dear Wife, I am worker of the Almighty God. How can I do another job?” replied Mullah.

“Dearest Husband, maybe you can then ask your God to give you something in return for your service,” retorted his wife.

Answered Mullah calmly, “Dearest Wife! You are right. I hadn’t thought of asking God for any returns for my service. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t give me anything.”

“Ohh, then please go and ask your almighty God for some return for your service”, the wife grumbled.

Mullah Nasruddin went to the garden near his house. He sat down on the ground and opened his arms, looking towards the sky.

He said loudly, “Oh God, since I am your humble and devoted servant, will you give me a 100 gold coins for my devotion towards you?”

Mullah’s neighbour, Ahmed was in the balcony and he heard this. He decided to play a prank on Mullah. He threw a bag full of 100 gold coins towards Mullah.

A shocked and surprised Mullah opened the bag to find a 100 gold coins in the bag. He got up and went home with the bag. He called his wife and showed her the bag and said, “See! I am such a good devotee of the Almighty that he gave me a 100 gold coins.”

His wife happily took out a coin from the bag and went to the market.

Seeing Mullah’s wife shopping, their neighbour Ahmed’s wife, grew suspicious. She had a word with Ahmed about this. Ahmed stormed into Mullah Nasruddin’s house and angrily demanded his 100 gold coins back. Mullah remarked back, “How dare you ask for my gold coins? I know you overheard me when I asked the Almighty God for the gold coins.”

“I should sue you in court for justice” an angry Ahmed replied.

Mullah pleadingly, “My friend Ahmed! I am a poor man. I don’t have any good clothes or even means to travel. The judge will surely trust you more.” A resigned Ahmed, gave Mullah Nasruddin his jacket and horse too! They went to the court.

At the court, the judge listened to Ahmed’s complaint. He turned to Mullah and asked him, “Do you want to say anything?’

“My neighbour Ahmed is completely mad”, replied Mullah.

The judge asked Mullah if he had any proof.

“Yes”, replied Mullah.

“Well he assumes, everything I own is his. First it’s the gold coins, then it’s the jacket, then it’s the horse,” replied Mullah.

The judge asked “Is this true Ahmed?”

Ahmed was very upset and angry on hearing this. He replied angrily to the judge, “Yes!”

The judge looks at both of them and said, “There is no point to Ahmed’s complaint. You can both leave.”

Well now, do you think Ahmed’s prank on Mullah was worth it?

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