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Nonsense Alphabets-03

Pre-Primary Poems | 3-6 yrs | Reading Pod


A was an ape,
Who stole some white tape,
And tied up his toes
In four beautiful bows.

a Funny old Ape!


B was a bat,
Who slept all the day,
And fluttered about
When the sun went away.

b Brown little bat!


C was a camel:
You rode on his hump;
And if you fell off,
You came down such a bump!

c What a high camel!


D was a dove,
Who lived in a wood,
With such pretty soft wings,
And so gentle and good!

d Dear little Dove!


E was an eagle,
Who sat on the rocks,
And looked down on the fields
And the-far-away flocks.

e Beautiful eagle!


F was a fan
Made of beautiful stuff;
And when it was used,
It went puffy-puff-puff!

f Nice little fan.


G was a gooseberry,
Perfectly red;
To be made into jam,
And eaten with bread.

g Gooseberry red!


H was a heron,
Who stood in a stream:
The length of his neck
And his legs was extreme.
h Long-legged Heron!


I was an inkstand,
Which stood on a table,
With a nice pen to write with
When we are able.

i Neat little inkstand!


J was a jug,
So pretty and white,
With fresh water in it
At morning and night.

j Nice little jug!


K was a kingfisher:
Quickly he flew,
So bright and so pretty!—
Green, purple, and blue.

k Kingfisher, blue!


L was a lily,
So white and so sweet!
To see it and smell it
Was quite a nice treat.

l Beautiful Lily!


M was a man,
Who walked round and round;
And he wore a long coat
That came down to the ground.

m Funny old Man!


N was a nut
So smooth and so brown!
And when it was ripe,
It fell tumble-dum-down.

n Nice little Nut!


O was an oyster,
Who lived in his shell:
If you let him alone,
He felt perfectly well.
o Open-mouthed oyster!


P was a polly,
All red, blue, and green,—
The most beautiful polly
That ever was seen.

p Poor little Polly!


Q was a quill
Made into a pen;
But I do not know where,
And I cannot say when.
q Nice little Quill!


R was a rattlesnake,
Rolled up so tight,
Those who saw him ran quickly,
For fear he should bite.

r Rattlesnake bite!


S was a screw
To screw down a box;
And then it was fastened
Without any locks.

s Valuable screw!

T was a thimble,
Of silver so bright!
When placed on the finger,
It fitted so tight!

t Nice little thimble!


U was an upper-coat,
Woolly and warm,
To wear over all
In the snow or the storm.
u What a nice upper-coat!


V was a veil
With a border upon it,
And a ribbon to tie it
All round a pink bonnet.

v Pretty green Veil!


W was a watch,
Where, in letters of gold,
The hour of the day
You might always behold.

w Beautiful watch!


X was King Xerxes,
Who wore on his head A mighty large
Green, yellow, and red.

x Look at King Xerxes!


Y was a yak,
From the land of Thibet:
Except his white tail,
He was all black as jet.
y Look at the Yak!


Z was a zebra,
All striped white and black;
And if he were tame,
You might ride on his back.

z Pretty striped Zebra!

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