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The Tiny Picture Book

Pre-Primary Poems | 3-6 yrs | Reading Pod

APPLES so round, and bright, and red—
O, how I love to see;
They look so tempting as they hang
Upon the green old tree.

A naughty boy once tried to steal
From off his neighbor’s bough;
But sad to hear, adown he fell,
And is a cripple now.

BOYS oftentimes are rough and rude,
And join in wicked play;
But hoop and top, and bat and ball,
Are better any day.

“Hark! hark! I hear a tinkling bell;
It calleth me to school.”
Run, run! my boy, and study well;
Keep strictly every rule.

CAREFUL be of poor old puss,
She catcheth all the mice:
If any rat appears in sight,
She chases in a trice.

And then she comes and sits her down,
And washes all her fur;
How kind and loving doth she look—
How pleasant doth she purr.

DOGS are so faithful, kind, and true,
We ought to treat them well;
My little Johnny had a dog,
Of which I wish to tell.

Now little John was at his play
Beside the river’s brink—
Plash! in he fell! Good Rover ran,
And would not let him sink.

EGGS are most useful to mamma;
She says she could not make,
Without the help of new-laid eggs,
Good pudding or nice cake.

I’m sure the hens are very kind
To lay for us some eggs;
O, do not stone or tease them so,
You’ll break their little legs.

FROGS! frogs! I hear their merry croak
From river, pond, and stream;
O, now I know that Spring has come,
And all will soon be green.

Who would not sing in sweet spring-time,
The time of song and flowers?
Dear children, youth is your spring-time;
Improve its precious hours.

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