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Paper Pumpkin : Halloween Craft

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod

How to make a Paper Pumpkin

What You Need

  • Two chart papers
  • One marker pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • glue stick
  • Leaf cut out template: 1 on A4 size paper

4 Steps to make a Paper Pumpkin

Step 1 : See reference image and cut out minimum 20 strips of brown chart paper.

Step 2 : Fold each strip and lace one end of the strip to the other end. Place the round strip inside another round strip and make a round shape like that of a pumpkin.

Step 3 : Use a leaf template and cut out leaf shape on green velvet paper and paste it on top the pumpkin.

Step 4 : See the reference and cut out a pumpkin stick and a long strip of paper to decorate over it. Stick all cut outs on top of the pumpkin.

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