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Republic Day glasses

Craft Ideas | 4-6 yrs | look and take

How to make Republic Day glasses?

Republic Day glasses – Learn how to make you own Republic Day glasses with the help of our step by step craft lesson for kids.

Step by Step Instructions :

Step 1: Print the stencil from the following page and cut out the shape of the mask. You can paste this on a stronger material like cardboard for added strength.
Step 2: Cut thin strips of orange, white, and green paper and attach them in bunches on either side of the mask.
Step 3: Tape the stick behind the mask as shown below.

Materials Requirement

  • Chart sheet 1
  • Coloured Paper (orange, green, white) 1 each
  • India mask template 1
  • Scissors 1
  • Tape 1
  • Small stick 1
  • Cardboard 1

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