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Charlie and Captain Jackpot’s Halloween

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Captain Jackpot wins the Best Costume Prize!

“Hey Charlie!” said Captain Jackpot.

“How are you here? It is daylight..” asked Charlie.

“Now that you see me, I can wander anytime I want with you,” said Captain Jackpot.

“So when do you really sleep?” asked Charlie, as he kept washing the car he was supposed to clean.

“We don’t rest my friend..we don’t,” sighed Captain Jackpot.

Just then, they heard a cheerful voice. It was Andrea, the car owner’s daughter. She said, “Did I just see you talking to yourself Charlie?”

“Uhhh…no. I was just remembering the list of things I have to do today,” said Charlie.

“Nice save,” muttered Captain Jackpot.

Andrea smiled and said, “You have to come to my Halloween party. Don’t forget to dress up.”

“Oh, this will be fun! We must go!” said Captain Jackpot.

“We? Who invited you?” said Charlie.

“Bigimee bammot! Be a sport!” begged Captain Jackpot.

“OK, you can come. See you at the graveyard at 8 PM,” said Charlie.

The clock struck 8. Charlie was wearing a torn shirt and had smeared red paint on himself. He had also used the charcoal and mud at the graveyard to give himself a ‘ghastly’ look.

He saw Captain Jackpot come with many others like himself. His heart skipped a beat.

“I thought I would invite a few friends, since today is the only day we can walk freely among humans and be visible. They think of us as humans!” said Captain Jackpot.

“Alright, alright! But be careful!” warned Charlie.

As Charlie walked into Andrea’s party with his friends, she greeted him with excitement. “I hope you don’t mind. I brought a few friends,” said Charlie apologetically.

“Of course not! ” said Andrea.

“My name is Arnie. I’m a victim of the evil Czar,” said Arnie.

“Oh, he is so much in character. I love it!” said Andrea.

“This is Captain Jackpot..I mean Mr. Jack,” introduced Charlie.

“Jack! My man, I am Henry Jackpot, a sailor,” said Captain Jackpot.

“Who is this fine lady and where did you buy this costume?” asked Andrea.

“Costume? I am Sheila, the princess of Tuniska. I don’t wear costumes! It is a work of art, you imbecile!” said Sheila.

“I beg your pardon!” said Andrea at Sheila’s curt reply.

“Ha ha ha…she is kidding. She is in character too.,” said Charlie.

The party went on till the wee hours and Charlie’s friends were still quite energetic and made many friends. “They talk funny”, was the general feedback.

Andrea said, “Captain Jackpot wins the Best Costume prize!”

Charlie said, “That was close! Let us not pull off a stunt like that again..”

Captain Jackpot said, “Until next Halloween, I suppose. Perhaps Lady Sheila will win, if she is less rude that is.”

The two shared a laugh.

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