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The Pax Romana

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

History and Facts about Pax Romana

“When we talk about the Romans or Greeks, we talk about war and kings. Was there a time when there was peace and no war?” Rohan asked Sir Dig-A-Lot on a Sunday night

“Certainly! Let me tell you about Pax Romana. Pax Romana is derived from Latin and it means ‘Roman Peace.’ It started in 27 B.C and lasted till 180 A.D, that is about 206 years. It was established by Julius Caesar’s son, Augustus.

Before Augustus Caesar’s reign, Rome had a civil war. Under the reign of Augustus, peace prevailed because of the order in the country. Over 6,000 soldiers were stationed at the places most likely to rise in conflict. This period of peace brought on a period of growth in the arts, science and technology.”

“What happened after the peace period ended and how did it end?” asked Rohan.

Sir Dig-A-Lot answered, “Well, instead of continuing to focus on protecting their borders Romans started fighting one another again. By this time, many powerful kings in the neighborhood existed. They took advantage of the internal conflict in Rome. They invaded Rome and caused great destruction.

By 400 AD Rome was completely destroyed and overrun by outsiders such as Germans, Visigoths, Slavs, Huns, Persians, etc. Many historians believe that 476 AD was the official date of the fall of the Roman empire.”

“I think 206 years of peace is an achievement worth talking about. Thanks for telling me this story,” Rohan thanked Sir Dig-A-Lot.

“No problem, Rohan. Now sleep tight!” Sir Dig-A-Lot bid Rohan good bye with the promise of another story another night.

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