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Ronjan Singh Sodhi

Sports | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Who is Ronjan Singh Sodhi

Ronjan Singh Sodhi (1979 – ) is an Indian shooter who is from the Royal Family of Sodhi Nagar, Ferozpur. His claim to fame is setting the world record with a perfect score in the double trap event at the 2010 International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in Lonato, Italy. This means that Sodhi got 50 hits of 50 targets in his event.

The double trap event is when a shooter must hit 2 clay targets moving at high speed that are launched simultaneously The gunman stands 16 yards (approximately 14.5 metres) behind the apparatus that spits out the clay targets or ‘pigeon’ as they are sometimes called.

At the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi, Sodhi received 2 silver medals and the underdog hopes to turn these into gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Ronjan Singh Sodi’s Events

  • Men’s double trap

Can you research how the men’s single and double trap events are carried out? What is the scoring like?