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Shang Dynasty of Ancient China

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Shang Dynasty: History and Accomplishments

“We talked about ancient China earlier,” Rohan told Sir Dig-a-Lot.

“Of course. Tonight, let me tell you about the Shang dynasty. It ruled China from 1500 BC to 1100 BC. During these 400 years, over 30 kings ruled the country having seven centers of capital. Unlike many other cultures, the kingship moved from brother to brother to nephew instead of father to son.

The most important contribution of this dynasty was the invention of writing techniques to record events. They even used to carve writing on bones and used it to predict the future. They used to call the carved bone oracle.

The people from Shang dynasty also used tortoise shells along with bones to keep accounts. This practice was also followed by the Greeks.
“What else did they discover?” asked Rohan.

Sir Dig-a-Lot said, “The Shang dynasty discovered making bronze using tin and copper. It is for this reason that the Age of the Shangs is known as the Bronze Age.

The concept of uniting China under the rule of one king also came from the Shang dynasty. The use of a horse drawn carriage, which is believed to have been invented in Central Asia, saw much use in the Shang dynasty. The discovery of a gemstone called jade to make jewelry also happened in the Shang dynasty.”

“I guess I should tell you about other Oriental dynasties as well. Maybe next time, Rohan,” Sir Dig-a-Lot concluded.

“Can’t wait, Sir Dig-a-Lot!” Rohan said excitedly.

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