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14 Squirrels arrested for spying!
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14 Squirrels arrested for spying!

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Arrested: 14 squirrels on charges of espionage!

Iran had felt threatened by animal agents in the year 2007 when the Iranian Intelligence officials arrested 14 squirrels. The officials claimed that these rodents were serving as spies for the Western enemy nations; determined to chip away at the Islamic Republic.

How can animals serve as spies?

This seems bizarre but animals have been used in the past for spying purposes; serving in the military since 1908. The Germans first used Pigeons by attaching cameras to them to take aerial pictures. Pigeons have been used in World War II to fly critical intelligence matter out of occupied France. The US had earlier tried to strap bombs to Bats and drop them over Japan before using the atomic bombing method. Dolphins and Seals are trained by the US to identify underwater mines. They can disable enemy swimmers too. US Marines in Kuwait are said to have trained chickens for a low-tech chemical detection system.